Hamilton International Training Academy provides specialist training in all forms of dance and performing arts. Our masters have designed a unique, weekly class schedule to bring you professional training outside of your vocational grades.

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How do I know what classes to do?

When registering your classes with us, it is important to understand what the classes entail and what training you will receive.
All of our masters are successful industry leaders and we have collaborated together to bring you the upmost enhanced, consistent professional training.
At Hamilton International Training Academy, we run via levels as opposed to age group. Some of the masters have set a criterion for you to meet when joining our level classes, so please pay close attention in order to get the best training for your ability.
So, let’s take a look at what the classes offer, and how to choose the right level for you.

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We also have 4 personal trainers on providing fitness classes throughout the week!

so whether your looking to change your fitness level, endurance,  power, loosing weight, training for an event or want to generally change your lifestyle, we offer 1-1 sessions with nutrition plans and personal training sessions designed specifically to your needs.


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