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A percussive, historic form of dance creating rhythmical intricate sound with your feet. A popular type of dance that incorporates audio into the dance itself, and is one of the most celebrated dances in the world. Tap dancing is a historic art form originated in the USA in the early 19th Century at the crossroads of African and Irish dance forms. 

Know the industry

Many leading West End shows, Touring shows & Cruise Ships, requires dancers to be able to Tap Dance with strong technique and understanding. The ability to tap dance comes with having a vast understanding of rhythm, music, timing and technique. So if you want to perform professionally, enhance your tap skills to broaden your skill set with the Masters!


What Classes do we offer? 

We offer 2 tap classes a week with two different teachers, focusing on all areas of Tap. Our masters have set levels to ensure that you get the most from your training.

Bringing enhanced tap training for all levels focusing on Tap History, Drills & Technique, Improvisation, Musicality, Choreography & Slides.

How do I pick what level to do?

Our classes are based on experience and ability, not age. The masters will assess and assist students in picking the appropriate level for them, whilst mentoring them and developing their skills.

Baby Tap

For our brand new tiny tappers! From 3+ we offer baby tap classes to get your little ones feet tapping away to the music, learning all their basic tapping skill set and learning the beauty of rhythm and sounds.


Jnr Level

This level is for beginners with a limited understanding of Tap. You will learn the basic tap steps with clarity and musicality. Understanding how to relax the ankles to produce clean, percussive sounds and learning all of the basic tap level steps right through to a double time step.


Beg Level

This level is for beginners developing their understanding of rhythm.
You must have clean and clear shuffles, pick-ups, single- and double-time steps.


Inter Level

You must be able to demonstrate clear single-foot wings, pull backs & single-foot pick-ups, with a good understanding of rhythm terminology and basic improvisational skills.


Adv Level

This level requires strong rhythmical knowledge and improvisational skills. You must be able to demonstrate clean double pullbacks, pendulum wings, have a strong understanding of counting music and fast, intricate beats.

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