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Ballet Associates

Ballet is the Holy Grail to any successful dancer that demonstrates incredible technique and strength. Students that want to perform professionally or are currently performing, must be encouraged to train within this field. Ballet is the fundamentals to any well trained performer and we build our dancers on this foundation.


What if I don't want to perform professionally? Why should I take Ballet?

Ballet is a great form training that requires insane discipline and strength. It is the most common form of dance training behind any dancer and one of our most historic, classical forms of dance. Ballet will allow to you gain strength, flexibility, core, stamina and discipline which you can apply to all your other dance genres naturally, whilst being a form of exercise and mental development.

What do we offer?

We offer 2 Ballet Classes a week, providing Barre work, Classical Technique & Terminology and Free work. We strongly believe in the foundations of ballet, and developing a passion for the art form within our students by not just using classical music to train, but introducing new modern music and commercial pointe work to allow our students to find a new love for classical work. Our Masters have set a specific criterium for students to enter the classes at certain levels. 


How do I pick what level to do?

Our classes are based on experience and ability, not age. The masters will assess and assist students in picking the appropriate level for them, whilst mentoring them and developing their skills.

Ballet associates 1

This class is for beginners with a minimal understanding of classical technique.


ballet associates 2

You must be able to demonstrate a clean single pirouette, have some understanding of classical terminology and have strong, aesthetically pleasing posture and core strength.

ballet associates 3
You must be able to demonstrate a clean double pirouette, have a clear understanding of classical terminology, be able to hold a 90-degree arabesque in the centre with good posture, and (for ladies) be able to do Barre work en pointe.

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