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Classes are available for our Minis & Jnrs

every Saturday in Studio!

MINIS - Baby Ballet . Baby Modern . Baby Tap 

JNRS - Ballet . Modern . Hip Hop . Tap . Musical Theatre


With our natural impulses to dance to music & the enjoyment we feel when we are moving freely to a beat, we bring you our new MINI & JNR classes!

Getting those tiny toes moving couldn't be more important to their development physically and mentally.


As part of their growth, we work together as a team creating a fun and exciting environment whilst focusing on their movement and understanding of their body:


With isolated exercises focusing on their co-ordination, stretch and flexibility focusing on lengthening their muscles whilst they're growing, rhythm games to stimulate their mental and physical ability to understand tempos and beats and discovering new ways to move our body!

Burning off some energy by attending a dance class couldn't be better! 

So what are you waiting for?

Register now to sign up to our classes! 


your journey starts here!

The younger you start, the better!

Our body learns to naturally take direction and moves

freely as we grow.


The enjoyment, experience of endorphines, fun and dance family you make along the way is truly special!

Share your passion and love for dance with us all, at the

Hamilton International Training Academy!

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