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Performing Arts

Musical Theatre,  Vocal Anatomy & Acting 

Performing arts classes are essential for any aspiring performer. They give you the tools to be able to nail that all important audition and give you the confidence to perform with skill & understanding.

Why is performing arts important?

The skills that our students learn in performing arts  classes enable them to express emotions in various different ways. This can be incredibly important to their development as they promote confidence & self-esteem. These classes can be considered vital as an expressive outlet, training students to grow with their feelings, develop their understanding of emotions and barriers, speak freely, express their personality and explore boundaries.


What Classes do we offer?

Unique syllabus created for Hamilton International Training Academy by our very own Masters. This has been specifically designed to prepare you for professional work and professional performance opportunities outside of your vocational grades. 
Full mentoring from our masters will be provided throughout the course.


Musical Theatre Course – Joseph Claus

Audition Rep, Harmonies, Music Theory, Harmonies, Acting Through Song Class

Vocal Anatomy Course – Joseph Claus

Anatomy, Technique, SOVT Exercises (including vocal straws), Exercises & Drills, Control, Vocal Strengthening & Understanding

Acting Course –Daniel Slade

Monologue Rep, Character Study & Research, TV Acting, Accessing Emotions & Breaking Barriers, Interpreting Text, Improvisation & Devising, Comedy

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