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Exploration within the Modern Genre leads to greatness, skill, technique, discipline, understanding & strength. There are so many different forms of modern work that enables us to put meaning and presence into our dancing. It is a vital form of  development within every dancer.

What Classes Do we Offer?

We offer 5 different modern classes throughout the week, focusing on all areas of modern work. Take a look at what our Masters are offering so you know what to expect and what level to pick.

Christopher and Sara are sharing the Jazz and Contemporary genres, so that you can experience the two different styles of teaching from two different masters.


Fundamentals & History, Drills & Technique, Improvisation & Choreography


Improvisation, Drills & Technique, Contractions & Isolations, Musicality & Choreography

Audition Class 12+

Different theme every week just as if you were taking an audition.
Drills & Technique, Fast-Paced Choreography & Performance Work, Individual Feedback, Industry Knowledge & Understanding

Stretch & Conditioning

Blocks and Bands, Flexibility, Stamina, Cardio Training, Core & Strength

Kicks, Leaps Turns & Tricks

Drills & Technique, Lines & Posture, Precision, All Leaps (incl. Turning Leaps and Floor), Stage Tricks, Performance Tricks, Illusions, Turns & Pirouettes, Flexibility & Strength

What level do I pick?

Our classes are based on experience and ability, not age. The masters will assess and assist students in picking the appropriate level for them, whilst mentoring them and developing their skills.

Jnr Level

This level is for beginners with a minimal knowledge of modern work.
This level teaches you the basic steps of jazz and contemporary alongside working on lines, flexibility, kicks, single turns, basic leaps and strength.

Beginner/Intermediate Level

You must be able to demonstrate a high front and side kick with strong posture, either right or left splits, clean single pirouette, forward front and side leap with a reasonable understanding of modern work.

Advanced Level

You must be able to demonstrate high kicks on all sides including splits, clean box jumps, a secure double pirouette into a hold and have a strong understanding of Jazz and Contemporary.

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